Subject Re: [IBO] boatload of errors when IBO run against memproof
Those are harmless. You can ignore them.

It's just some confusion in Memproof about that API call which serves a dual purpose. In one setting it closes a cursor
opened on the server. In another it unprepares a statement prepared. In yet another if you are using IB 7 it will cancel a
running query/statement on the server and cause it to fail and return an error code. In this option obviously you call it

Memproof seems to just expect that API call to have a single function to dispose of a statement handle, not have these
other operations on top of it.

Jason Wharton

I don't know how accurate memproof is, but it is showing alot of
errors in IBO applications.
I renamed fbclient.dll to gds32.dll and then started my app from
memproof. I consistenly get the following errors:

# Item Kind Value Size Thread API Name

3019 Dynamic SQL Error (17) SQL error code = -501 (21) Attempt to
reclose closed cursor
Error 000007D0 0 2748
isc_dsql_free_statement gds32.dll

the app runs fine, but I am concerned this could lead to long term
stability issues. Currently my app just blinks out after 10 to 14
days and I am leaning to the issue being with IBO.

There are no other errors in my app and no memory leaks. I have
tested it with memproof and memcheck, and the only errors to be seen
are in IBO.
here is a screen shot

I am using latest version of IBO and Firebird 1.5 final with
fbclient renamed to gds32.dll.