Subject TIBOQuery and TIBOUpdateSQL, newbie question
Author Nobuya Higuchi

I am trying to migrate from IB6.0/IBX to Firebird1.5/IBO4 (WinXP,
Win2000Server, BCB5). My application looks to TDataSet as an abstract
interface for table and a tailor-made abstract interface for datamodule. By
choosing TIBOQuery, table side is ok. I just implemented a derived class of
datamodule interface with IBObjects (using TIB_Connection and
TIB_Transaction for connection and transaction).

My application is working fine with Firebird1.5/IBO for showing data. But
somehow updating or modifying of data doesn't work. I'm getting "unable to
initialize default EditDSQL" error message. I'm using SQL property of
TIBOQuery but not EditSQL property. Instead I'm using
ModifySQL/InsertSQL/DeleteSQL properties of TIBOUpdateSQL. I'm setting
UpdateObject property of TIBOQuery to a corresponding TIBOUpdateSQL. In some
situations where I need more than one TIBOUpdateSQL, I'm setting DataSet
propery of TIBOUpdateSQL to a corresponding TIBOQuery for the second, third,
... TIBOUpdateSQLs.
This approach works with IBX but I'm a newbie to IBO and I must be making a
simple mistake. Please help and enlighten me! (Help file for IBO4 seems very
tacit. Where can I get the information on how to use each IBO component or
on the background concept?)

Thanks in advance,
Nobuya Higuchi