Subject boatload of errors when IBO run against memproof
Author mp527
I don't know how accurate memproof is, but it is showing alot of
errors in IBO applications.
I renamed fbclient.dll to gds32.dll and then started my app from
memproof. I consistenly get the following errors:

# Item Kind Value Size Thread API Name

3019 Dynamic SQL Error (17) SQL error code = -501 (21) Attempt to
reclose closed cursor
Error 000007D0 0 2748
isc_dsql_free_statement gds32.dll

the app runs fine, but I am concerned this could lead to long term
stability issues. Currently my app just blinks out after 10 to 14
days and I am leaning to the issue being with IBO.

There are no other errors in my app and no memory leaks. I have
tested it with memproof and memcheck, and the only errors to be seen
are in IBO.
here is a screen shot

I am using latest version of IBO and Firebird 1.5 final with
fbclient renamed to gds32.dll.