Subject Re: [IBO] Two questions: about the parser and about the filter
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:30 AM 7/03/2004 +0100, you wrote:
>I am new to IBObjects (currently testing it out by converting one my
>programs from BDE to Firebird). So plese forgive me if I ask questions
>maybe present in the help or the docs.
>I noticed in another thread that someone was talking about a IBObjects parser.
>Just for my own curiosity: is IBObjects parsing the SQL statements we are
>writing somewhere ? Why ?

Because IBO is all about passing parameters, not using table
components. IBO does multiple level parsing as a strategy to reduce the
amount of requerying required as you browse through a set that is larger
than the row buffer. This is especially important if you *must* keep using
a table component...and it also to refine the contents of the dataset
buffers, construct SQL for I/U/D operations and prepare statements for your

>Just wandering: the filter we apply in a TIBOTable. Is this translated into
>a select query ?

Even a TIBOTable is a select query - the parser looks after it for you
(select * from... and juggling the buffers). There is no other way to read
data from an SQL server. The architecture is totally different from Paradox.

And, yes, the filters are WHERE conditions.