Subject RE: [IBO] Two questions: about the parser and about the filter
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi,
> I am new to IBObjects (currently testing it out by converting one my
> programs from BDE to Firebird). So plese forgive me if I ask questions
> maybe present in the help or the docs.
> 1/
> I noticed in another thread that someone was talking about a
> IBObjects parser.
> Just for my own curiosity: is IBObjects parsing the SQL statements we are
> writing somewhere ? Why ?

yes it does and for many good reasons. e.g if you declare ID as as your PK,
then it (IBO) will know to "select ID from table where etc" instead of all
your required fields when it only wants a list of IDs to fill it's buffers.
There are many other places it parses your SQL to achieve some prety damn
nive stuff for you and to increase performance racially.

> 2/
> Just wandering: the filter we apply in a TIBOTable. Is this
> translated into
> a select query ?

not sure about this - I don't use IBOTable but I think by the use of filters
you are being express about your need to have all unfiltered records at the
client - thus your need to use the onfilter event. If it were a query, the
onfilter event would be useless. Perhaps there is a setting in the component
to use queries?

> Thanks for any anwer you might give me,
> Erik De Laet
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