Subject Rbuilder 6 / Delphi 6 pipeline package problem
Author geogelles
I am having difficulty compiling and installing the IBOPipeline.dpk
located in I am using Delphi6 upd pack 2, RB6 for
Del6, on XP sp1.

The package compile fails on some of the required packages. The
first was IBO40XDT, which I replaced with IBO40XDT_D6. Now I get an
error for DCLRBE66. I can not find this item. If I remove it from
the list, the compile fails with an 'undeclared indentifier'
(TIB_ColumnComp and TIB_Column_Curr).

First, am I using the latest Pipeline package?
Second, where can I find DCLRBE66 and possibly other required

I have searched messages here, looked at the RB site, loaded
previous versions of Delphi and RB. Any help or suggestions would be
greatly appreciated. I have already converted my BDE files to
Firebird, very much like what I have tested so far with native IBO
and need this last part to make all the pieces work.