Subject Re: [IBO] Locate doesn't work on TIBOQuery?
Author Daniel Rail

At March 4, 2004, 18:44, ra8009 wrote:

> I use a locate using a partial key against a query like the one below
> using a TIBOQuery. Most of the time, I get a "Token unknown" error
> listing _NAME as the problem. Here's what shows up in the Monitor Log:

> ERRCODE = -1

> Here's the SQL:

> Customer_ID,
> Last_Name,
> First_Name,
> Cust_Active,
> ((Last_Name||', ')||First_Name) as Name
> FROM Custinfo C
> where
> Cust_Active = :Status

> I'm running against Firebird 1.5. What could be wrong?

Which version of IBO are you using?

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