Subject General question regarding querying records from the server
Author Jonathan M. Freedman
When u use the TIB_Query object, one can set the MaxRows property to
1, so that only one row at a time is downloaded from the server. As
i understand this, it would reduce the network traffic load and time
for download considerably (since i am doing all my development on one
computer and do not have access to a network, i have to ask this
question rather than test it out). Please let me know if i am
missing something.

If this does not work, then not opening queries unless there are
parameters filled in for search conditions that limit the size of the
dataset to something reasonable must happen first.

In addition, one can set the transaction properties such that the
query does not "lock" records unless it is in the edit state...if
correct, this should eliminate any loss of functionality of the
server if several users have queries open on the same dataset.
Please let me know again if i am missing something.

To further prevent slowing down or stalling the server, one can set
timeoutprops so that changes that are made are committed quickly when
a user places a row in the edit state. Is this correct?

as concerns insert and delete conditions, this will not affect other
queries if tiConcurrency is not set? or will it make a difference.
I'm not sure, perhaps someone could help me.