Subject Re: Isolating TransActions
Author anthpjc
hi helen,
I am using transactionsources so that i may use the OnStatusChanged
event for when the transaction changes state.

The main point i'm unsure of is why, in my previously posted example,
the transaction state changes and the OnStatusChanged event of the
transactionsource is invoked if i'm inserting with a query that is not
assigned with that transaction/transactionsource in any way.


--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> At 06:03 AM 1/03/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> >thanks for replying helen... i'm using ibo 4h
> >I am not entriely sure why i get this behaviour either, but anyway,
> >the way i am going through it is as such:
> >- transA has a transactionsource, trsourceA.
> >- transB has a transactionsource, trsourceB.
> What are you using transactionsources for? They are meant for
internal use...
> Anyway, transactionsources have transactions, not the other way around.
> >i have a query, qrB that has transB as it's transaction in the
> >transaction property. when i click to insert i can trace through to
> >the beforepost of qrB (where if i check the state of transA it is
> >tsInactive), then on further tracing it goes to the
> >trsourceAstatuschanged method for some reason where the state of
> >transA has mysteriously changed to tsActive.
> >
> >what i am trying to avoid is the trsourceAstatuschanged method code
> >which is why I have the "B" transactions.
> I don't get what you're doing here at all. Since you don't seem to
> understand what is going on in your app, I have to suppose that you are
> using transactionsources by mistake.
> Get rid of the transactionsources. Link both of the plain
transactions to
> your ib_connection. Link your two queries to their respective
> Helen