Subject Re: Updatable TIB_Cursor
Author achidan
I wrote again:

> I found now out that I can set the property SearchedEdits to true, so
> that the update statement is using the KeyLinks to update the row. Now
> it looks like that
> UPDATE Table1
> SET Field1 = ?, Field2 = ?, Field3 = ?
> WHERE ID = ?
> which seems to be correct.
> But the value provided for ID is always 0. Why? When I do
> ShowMessage(cur.FieldByName('ID').AsString)
> then I get a correct value for ID. So the correct ID is in my cursor
> but not it seems not to be in the Old_ID.

I found out, that the field 'ID' is set, but if I check


then I get .AsInteger = 0 and .IsNull = false

KeyFields is not pointing to FieldByName('ID'), but maybe that's as

I can set the value for KeyFields[0], then the update is working as
expected but I'm not very happing with setting the KeyField by myself.
Do I miss something?

Thanks for any help.

Daniel Achermann