Subject Updatable TIB_Cursor
Author achidan

With IBObjects 4.3Aa I have the following problem. I have a TIB_Cursor
with a SQL

SELECT * FROM Table1 join Table2 on Table1.ID = Table2.ID
WHERE Table1.ID = :pID

I set the properties

KeyRelation := 'Table1';
RequestLive := true;

First I do

IB_Cursor.FieldByName('Field1').AsString := 'NewValue';

When I want to post the cursor to the server I get the error:
-510: Cursor not updatable

When trace my SQL then I find the following update statement:

SET Field1 = ? , Field2 = ? , Field3 = ?
WHERE CURRENT OF C17162776976181598

What is this C171....? Is that an RDB$Key?

Anyone has an idea, what I'm doing wrong?

By the way: I found the error a bit funny because first I didn't set
KeyRelation and KeyLinks at all - then there was no error but the row
in the database just got never updated in the database (but the value
was in the buffer in TIB_Cursor on client side). After setting the
properties "correctly" (as I thought....) I got an error...

Thanks for any help!

Daniel Achermann