Subject Re: [IBO] SP and Client App Progress Bar
Author Daniel Rail

At March 1, 2004, 06:30, Enrico Raviglione wrote:

> I have a lot of SP that make a lot of works for my Client App but i need
> to have a ProgressBar on my Client App for show to my users how much
> time they must wait.
> Which are the best method for do this work?
> Can i send an event (with POST_EVENT) any 1% of maked job or there are
> some better method?

Probably events are your only solution. I haven't used them for this
purpose, so you'll probably have to test that concept yourself. If
it's a selectable SP, you could have an extra return parameter for
every row that would give you that information and you could show the
value of that parameter.

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