Subject Re: [IBO] BatchOutput/Input
Author Don Gollahon
"Nando Dessena" <nandod@...> wrote in message
> Helen, Don,
> H> But the datapump *is* the equivalent of Don
> H> Gollahon's "RawInput" example.
> If you can afford to have the two databases online at the same time,
> sure, and it has a lot of advantages too, like 2PC. But I fear that
> was just an example to show both code fragments... Don, if you don't
> need asynchronous transfers then you're back in action with the data
> pump component.

What I'm doing is just for my development. I use ReportBuilder Pro and its
enduser reporting component. It creates a few tables in Firebird. During
development I make changes to the data of these tables and add new reports.
I then have to get them to my client's database. So, I won't need embedded
FB and can export the tables right on the development PC, FTP the resulting
database to the client and do my append/update process to their database.

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