Subject Re: [IBO] Update for 4.5 Ai Eval installer
Author Salvatore Besso
hello Jason,

> If it is designed to work of the 7 different versions
> of delphi and cppb that I support I'd be interested.

regarding my batch file, actually it is designed to compile only D7 packages,
but it is not that difficult to modify it to accept every supported version via
command line parameters. If you are interested I can try to assemble a working
batch for all versions. The supported Delphi and BCB versions are those that I
can guess from package names, correct?

But keep in mind that using my batch file requires:

1. A directory tree slightly different than yours.
2. Two sets of packages for every version, one standard set and one debug set.
3. Package paths have to be modified with relative paths.

But we can discuss these points later, also because I need some help to prepare
the BCB packages, since it's not my language.

Further, I have made a small console program callable from the batch file that
analyzes the output of dcc32 searching for failures and returns an errorlevel 1
if compilation fails. I can also prepare another console program callable from
the batch file that updates the registry, that's to say, installs the packages
into the IDE. Need help as usual for BCB installations.

I'll be very happy to donate all the files if you think that they can be useful.

Best regards and Happy New Year to all of you