Subject RE: [IBO] Update for 4.5 Ai Eval installer
Author Jason Wharton
> I have performed a file search on drive C: with IBO*.* but
> nothing was found, so
> I'm sure that there is nothing old remained on my hard disk.

Correct, I figured out what was happening. My command line didn't have a
space between the filename and the -DNAG command when doing the evaluation
version such that it has the nag screen inserted. This made it fail to
compile and the check its doing is to see if the IB_Component.dcu is created
or not.

I've got that fixed now and only thing left at this point is pinning down
where to put all the BPL files for all the different versions of Delphi.
It's quite a can of worms to sort this all out.

Today being another holiday I may not get this out today, but I got up early
to squeeze in some more time on it. Work had me up to 4 am last night...

Jason Wharton