Subject Internet strategies
Author dmarmur2002

I'm missing an outline of the different options for creating and/or
extending IBO-based software to "put it on the net".

I understand there are different techniques in Delphi for a start.
Some IBO stuff does not compile in Delphi Pro. Some things can be
developed both for Win and Linux servers. Using Apache, IIS, Java
(Tomcat)... Well, it's just that I don't know where to start
looking. I'm sure someone out there has it all squelching around
at "the top of their heads". And I also think that I might not be
the sole interested reader.


If there already are things I missed, I apologize for this message.

Thanks a lot,


BTW; I noticed that the messages I send from Outlook Newsreader via
atkins does not get inte the newsgroup. All the effort of trying to
help folks, commenting etc to no avail :( I have the same e-mail in
the atkins group as in yahoo egroups. Did you get int to work? It's
a drag to log in to the web UI to read and post. /D