Subject Re: [IBO] [] Execution of prepared statements consumes a lot of memory
Author Nando Dessena

C> A select loop selecting 1000 records out of a table of 1000 records
C> consumes 150 MB of RAM. In comparision to that, selecting the
C> same 1000 records out of a table
C> of 10000 records consumes 1,3 GB of RAM. The result of the whole transaction
C> is the same for both cases, but memory usage increases with the number of
C> 'uninteresting' records in the source table.

what's the PLAN? Does it include a SORT clause? If so, the server is
probably using that much RAM to sort your sets. You can have it
fallback to disk by tweaking the SortMemSize and SortMemUpperLimit
(IIRC) firebird.conf parameters. Doesn't look to be IBO-related.

Nando Dessena