Subject Re: [IBO] [] Execution of prepared statements consumes a lot of memory
Author Helen Borrie

At 08:46 PM 13/12/2004 +0100, you wrote:

>Hi all (and especially Helen),
>have you run out of ideas or haven't you received my last posting?
>Just to make sure.

No, I ran out of energy for hunting needles in haystacks. I find it very
tiring to troubleshoot problems ad infinitum when every response is based
on conjecture, partial information and surprises. It takes hours of
precious time and distraction and usually leads nowhere.

To recap:
You described the structures as "master-detail-detail" but you didn't
provide any information about the relationships. Given that any
master-detail relationship is implicitly 1:many, I could envisage problems
where you were blindly using ib_cursors for every set. I had commented that
possibly FastReport was trying to do some form of buffering resulting from
your use of ib_cursors. You were going to try using ib_query instead of
ib_cursor -- did you?; and you didn't answer my question about whether the
application and the database server were running on the same machine.

The fact is: something untoward appears to be going on and we haven't yet
found out what it is.

Therefore I think the matter rests with you at the provide a
better description of the setup. From that exercise, it's even possible
that you, as an experienced user of both IBO and Fb/IB, will happen upon
the cause of the problem and recognise what's needed to fix it, or will be
able to set up a test case for some possible bug in IBO or in FastReport's
IBO support.

Sorry, I'm not Wonder Woman. :-)