Subject looking for property
Author Rick Roen

I'm doing some reporting routines that will print things like Order
confirmation, packing lists, invoices etc.

I'm creating a TIB_Cursor instance on-the-fly, setting the SQL
property, setting some field display formats, field visibility etc.
Then I create some HTML which later prints or displays the report.

Because I might have several of these reports I thought I might be
able to set up the IB_Cursor with all the settings then "Stream" out
all the properties that are stored (like the SQL, and things stored
in TIB_StringLists). Then I could save these in the DB and call
them back into a Cursor when I want to use them. This would save a
lot of extra setup within the program each time and make it so I
could change the report by modifying the BLOB where the properties
are saved in the DB.

Is there some property like this where I can save all the settings?