Subject Re: [IBO] IB Objects and fbclient.dll
Author Nando Dessena

r> We actually use third party components who in turn use IBObjects.
r> like IBOConsole, IBOAdmin, InterXPress for Firebird.
r> While we can modify our source to make IBObjects optionally
r> look at a fbclient.dll we can not modify the other Third Party
r> components to do such.
r> I just can't see why this needs to be a constant.

It is a variable indeed.

r> It could be used as a part of a LoadLibrary function instead
r> of a Hard-Coded solution.

It is used with LoadLibrary. ;-)

The problem is not IBO. IBO could become more flexible (i.e. allow
you to load two libraries at the same time), but apart from that you
can do all you need already.

The problem is that IBOConsole, IBOAdmin and InterXpress need to give
you a way to set that variable from the outside (f. ex. with a
parameter - in the case of the dbX driver - or with a configuration
file setting). The authors could give you the option *now*, no need to
change anything in IBO. Summary: bug the authors of those tools - you
are barking up the wrong tree here. :-)

Nando Dessena