Subject Re: [IBO] Remote connection
Author Lester Caine
yartax1 wrote:

> I'm interested in devolopment of client-server project with Ibojects /
> firebird / bcb 6. Client connection would be around the country to a
> central DB.
> My principal dubt is connection losses. Does IbObjects control
> connection losses and self-reconnect with no devolopment needed? or is
> impossible to control and app would need reopening?
> Any handy manner to control these possible losses?

I have systems running that share local and remote data. If the network
link is down (frame relay links), then the application drops to local
working and tries again on the next minute tick.

So while things aren't handled totally by IBO, but by taking care of
failure messages, reconnects can be made without having to restart the
application, and so long as they are only short outages, the user may
just see a longer pause will doing things.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services