Subject Re: [IBO] IB Objects and fbclient.dll
Author Nando Dessena

>> Method 2) Install a copy of fbclient.dll, renamed as gds32.dll, in the same
>> directory as the application's executable. It's a solution that can work,
>> but test it well.

L> That has a problem if another application has already opened gds32.dll
L> from somewhere else? If it's already loaded windows does not look for
L> it, and I THINK Robert is saying the customers may be using other
L> Interbase applications - which is probably going to cause problems?

Generally Windows does look for the library, and only after it has
found it it compares the module's *full pathname* with anything that
is loaded already to decide whether to reload it or remap an existing

So if another application has loaded gds32.dll from the system
directory, you are still able to load your copy from your own
directory (or from wherever you wish, by putting the full path in the
aforementioned variable).

Nando Dessena