Subject IB_GRID and IB_LookUpComboBox Look questions
Author Daniel Jimenez

Some time back I asked a question about the IB_LookUpComboBox IB_LookUpList

The questions was that:

The problem is that once the grid has loaded the data, and a user clicks on
the TIB_LookupCombo, which inturn makes the TIB_LookupList display its
contents, the first time it is displayed, the TIB_LookupList is small in
size (width and height, so that it contains scroll bars), if the user clicks
on the same TIB_LookupCombo once more, this second and any subsequent times
the TIB_LookupList is displayed with the correct width and height.

I have made sure that all records are pulled into the IB_LookUPCombo,
IB_LookUpList combination, as there where some suggestions, that it may be
caused by not all records being pulled into the control.

My second question is regarding the IB_Grid.

How can I stop the text within IB_Grid cells from moving to the left hand
side when editing the contents?

I am not sure if is possible, but I was wondering if the following behaviour
is available:

Double click on a IB_Grid (between the column titles) to auto resize the
column width? If Not what would be the best way to resize the columns
programmatically, (GridLink ?) as I am reusing the same IB_Grid control in a
MDI form for various tables.


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