Subject IBObjects, Isapi dll and Threading
Author lgautonxx
Is IBOJECTS truely thread-safe

We are using Delphi 7 and IBObjects 4.2 Ie, Firebird 1.5

Just completed isapi dll using IBOBJECTS and multiple threads. During
testing we experienced lots of freezing some with high processor load
(locked at 100%) and others with low processor load, when many
concurrent connections are started. Investigation of the problem
indicates there is an issue with IBSession creation, table prepares
and table opens. Occasionally we also experience access violations
with gds32.dll. We've cured the freezing and gsd32.dll access
violations by wrapping all calls to session creates, table prepares
and table opens within the primary process and any threads that are
started within a global critical section.

Can anyone shed any light on what we are experiencing.