Subject RE: [IBO] Very simple question
Author Daniel Jimenez
> I'm not fussed what gets used. I know I said I'd send
> something off the list, but I've just finished 3 hours sleep
> after another 18 hour day.
> Here are my requirements: (if you want my current source code
> let me know and I'll send privately).
> We have a field in a table that is a small int. We have 16
> bits available to us, so we use this in our application to
> indicate up to 16 different logging options (where it is
> possible to indicate more than one logging type is available
> at any given time).
> My code currently does this:
> - At construction time, the object is passed a list of
> strings and associated bit positions. I'd be happy to remove
> the bit position option and just pass blank strings for the
> bits not currently set (to 1).
> - The control has properties to indicate the number of
> columns and width of each column
> - The control has a 'MaskValue' property that does the following:
> Read method : Converts 'checked' states to a bit mask
> value and returns to user
> Write Method : Converts a bit mask value to 'checked'
> states and updates the checkbox controls
> - When we update our data in the database we write the value
> from the 'Read' method.
> Hence we need to associate the entire control to a single
> field in a table.
> I have not used TCheckListBox so if this can accomodate the
> same features then that's fine.
> Let me know if you need more information or want to look at
> my code (which is in C++). I can whip up a small
> non-data-aware demo if you require.


I work with Malcolm, and after reading this post, I notice that a small
detail may have been left out.

Malcolm wrote the code for this control, however, I have been using it lots

Normally there is two tables associated to the control. One table will
contain a field which stores a bitmask, and the other table will contain the
data used to populate the text associated to each checkbox used to represent
the meaning of each bit.


Say table one from the above description may be:

LP_LOGMASK SMALLINT NOT NULL /*Store the bitmask as per user selection
of check box*/

Table two from the example above may be:

LL_DESCRIPTION VARCHAR(16) NOT NULL /* Data used for the construction of the
checkbox list*/

Hope I have not confused you.

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