Subject RE: [IBO] IB_Connection Settings for Embedded
Author Jason Wharton
My guess is that you are only allowed to have multiple connections within
the same process. When using Delphi as the IDE and having your running
application in a separate process these two server instances compete.

My suggestion is to develop your application with a standard client/server
setup and then when its time to deploy use the local engine.

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: [IBO] IB_Connection Settings for Embedded
> I have configured my app to use the embedded server.
> I delete the server entry, provide the path to the database
> file and ensure
> my conf, udf etc files are in the app dir as well.
> Now I can build the app, and when it runs it connects fine
> thru the embedded
> server to the local file.
> BUT when I go thru the IDE and try to set connected to true in the
> IB_Connection component, it errors out on unavailable
> database exception.
> What could be wrong if it fires up OK outside the IDE?
> thanks
> Alan