Subject RE: [IBO] IB_Connection Settings for Embedded
Author Jason Wharton
Go ahead and create the table and the message will go away.
It's purpose is to automatically compare schema cache files on disk to the
version in the database. The intent being if you update your metadata you
would increment a counter in the database and then it would be used to
invalidate and refresh client's local schema cache files automatically. I
suppose this feature is probably not needed with the embedded server but I
guess that's the way it goes sometimes. Also, the Error Code returned
should just be ignored.

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: RE: [IBO] IB_Connection Settings for Embedded
> Quitting Delphi and starting it again did the trick here but
> now when I try
> to run the application in the IDE, I get the CPU debug window
> up all the
> time and finally a message about missing IBO$SCHEMATable
> Can anyone shed some light on this one?
> thanks
> Alan