Subject Re: [IBO] FastReport3
Author Lester Caine
Salvatore Besso wrote:

>>I have - no answers in 24 hours :(
> Try to repost. Normally Alexander or Michael or Gord do answer to problems
> posted by users.

Tried another tack there. Builder6 is not a problem - IBObjects is the
bit that still needs sorting.

>>I've managed to pull the pigging installer apart
> Exactly the same thing I usually make with every package. After installation I
> have removed all packages from Delphi, deleted all bpl's, arranged the files as
> I prefer and then manually recompiled, both normal packages and debug packages,
> thing that no component writer usually do...
>>but have not got a clean Builder set-up yet.
> ehm, sorry, but I'm not familiar with Builder, what do you mean with clean
> set-up? Does the packages work after installation in Builder?

Basically exactly what you are doing on Delphi. Getting things to the
same structure as FR250 and IBObjects - I don't like the 'new' dump of
frBCB6 libraries in one directory. The one thing I have not cracked in
Builder6 yet is how to restore the IBO native stuff. None of the Builder
projects reference it at all. I'll keep plugging, I've got the server
running again, and can add IBO objects to the reports (modified the D7
stuff ;) ), now it's just a matter of linking to the apps - which I
think needs an IBODataset module.

>>have you moved FR2.5 stuff into the FR3 set-up under Delphi?
> maybe you are referring to reports? Luckily I had only a few, and after having
> converted them to 3 I ended up to rewrite them from scratch with 3 designer.

I've some 50 odd reports over 10 applications, with some complex
master/detail stuff done in IBO, but it's looking like I will need to
re-write quite a lot - which is a pain. The frf files are all ported to
fr3 which is a start.

> But maybe now we are slightly off-topic. If you like we can continue discussion
> on the FR3 newsgroup.

For the FastReport stuff, but a decent set of IBO interfaces may need
some help at this end :)

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services