Subject Re: [IBO] FastReport3
Author Salvatore Besso
hello Lester,

> I have - no answers in 24 hours :(

Try to repost. Normally Alexander or Michael or Gord do answer to problems
posted by users.

> I've managed to pull the pigging installer apart

Exactly the same thing I usually make with every package. After installation I
have removed all packages from Delphi, deleted all bpl's, arranged the files as
I prefer and then manually recompiled, both normal packages and debug packages,
thing that no component writer usually do...

> but have not got a clean Builder set-up yet.

ehm, sorry, but I'm not familiar with Builder, what do you mean with clean
set-up? Does the packages work after installation in Builder?

> have you moved FR2.5 stuff into the FR3 set-up under Delphi?

maybe you are referring to reports? Luckily I had only a few, and after having
converted them to 3 I ended up to rewrite them from scratch with 3 designer.

But maybe now we are slightly off-topic. If you like we can continue discussion
on the FR3 newsgroup.