Subject Very simple question
Author Daniel Jimenez
Very simple problem, but after having worked for 90 hours in the past five
days, I am not capable of much :-)

I have a IB_Grid, which loads data from a IB_Query, one of the fields is a
BitMask. Which gets loaded onto a IB_Edit( non visible).

I have written a component which can display the BitMask as a collection of
checkboxes in a ScrollBox, etc. Thus allowing the user to edit the BitMask.

When a user clicks on a record on the IB_Grid, my component uses the data
value for the BitMask out of the IB_Edit.

Once the user has finish playing with the checkbox (i.e. setting the
BitMask) I write the new BitBask to the IB_Edit.

At this stage I would like the ubPost button and the ubCancel button on the
IB_UpdateBar to became active, so the user can post or cancel the update.

How do I go about this.

As I said simple question :-)

Thank you


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