Subject Master/Detail - problems
Author Woody (TMW)
Been going around in circles now so thought I'd ask for help. I had a
working master detail relation but it stopped working after upgrading to
version 4.3a of IBObjects. I don't think it was the update since all others
still work fine. Don't know what could have happened here.

For simplicity, let's assume my two tables are reduced to their respective
key fields:

Master table A : ID
Detail table B: ID and ItemNum

On a control grid (TIB_CtrlGrid), when there is only one detail record, it
displays correctly. Now comes the fun part.

Add item 2 and the grid now shows two item 2's.

Add item 3 and the grid shows one item 2 and two item 3's

Add item 4 and the grid shows one item 2, one item 3 and two item 4's.

Delete item 4 and the grid shows one item 2 and two item 3's.

IOW, process repeats the forward version in reverse.

I have checked and rechecked the SQL, KeyLinks, MasterLinks, etc. I still
can't figure this one out. I want to delete the detail query and start with
a fresh one but I don't want to just give up on this. It may help someone
else if I find out the problem.

Woody (TMW)