Subject RE: [IBO] IBO4_5_Ah_Full, IB_Grid decimal separator management broken
Author Jason Wharton
I went ahead and made it so it will work as the other areas in IBO do.
In essence, I just commented out the check to see if the character pressed
was the same as the ThousandSeparator. This could be troublesome to some
people, but I highly doubt it. This is how I already have other places
handing a keypress so its best to keep it all consistent throughout IBO.

PS. I've been working on IBO for some time, I just didn't have my build
process transported from my old workstation to the new one. Though it is
true I'm doing more work lately, I just don't accept the idea I ever stopped
working on IBO.

"UpdateWorkBar" sounds interesting. Tell me more about it.

Jason Wharton

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> From: Marco Menardi [mailto:mmenaz@...]
> Sent: Saturday, November 27, 2004 2:35 AM
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> Subject: Re: [IBO] IBO4_5_Ah_Full, IB_Grid decimal separator
> management
> broken
> --- In, "Jason Wharton"
> <jwharton@i...> wrote:
> > Thank you, I will double check the user contributions and make sure
> I merged
> > them correctly. I probably did something wrong in my merge.
> >
> > About the decimal separator, what do you recommend be done to
> resolve this
> > while also still being flexible as the person desired?
> >
> Hi Jason!
> As I told, in Italy (and many other countries as well...) we have ","
> as decimal separator, but "." as thousand separator.
> Unfortunatly, our
> numeric keypad has ".", so it has to be translated by program code
> (Windows is too lazy for that).
> This problem affects also, for instance,, with a big
> number of users disappointed because of this, me included (see:
> you find also
> my posts there).
> This has historical reasons (the "USA centric" developement and
> marketing power in PC and IT field, also our keyboard layout was
> re-designed by IBM in a different manner than our typewriter) and we
> must take it as "a fact".
> What is the solution?
> In IBO code, before 4.5, we have:
> IBC_Currency.IMP
> if Key = '.' then Key := DecimalSeparator;
> IBC_Edit.IMP
> if ( Field.IsNumeric ) and
> ( Key = '.' ) and
> ( DecimalSeparator = ',' ) then
> Key := DecimalSeparator
> IB_Grid.pas
> if (SelectedField.IsNumeric) and (Key = '.') then
> Key := DecimalSeparator
> You are asking me: "About the decimal separator, what do you recommend
> be done to resolve this while also still being flexible as the person
> desired?"
> What is the problem? What "flexibility" is needed? The paramount
> problem is make people be able to use numeric keypad to enter decimal
> separator, even if the keypad is "wrong". Every other need comes far
> second to this, but I can't imagin what is this need... If it's a
> numeric field, the only values that make sense are: +-[0-9] and
> DecimalSeparator.
> You have code in IBC_Edit.IMP (right above the piece of code I put
> above) that checks if the control is in search mode and disables the
> "." -> decimalseparator translation, in the rare case you have to
> really enter "." to build a piece of query (a thing that the user will
> *never* do, OMHO, while for sure he well be disappointed and have a
> wrong result entering "." as usual and not having it
> translated to the
> decimalseparator! And I will prefer this "limit" above the difference
> in behaviour just because you are in search mode). Is this that you
> are looking for?
> Give me more details about the problem, and I will be glad to try to
> help you and test the patches against italian keyboard.
> I'm really happy you have start improving/developing IBO again, the
> more I use it, the more I love it.
> Btw, I would like to give IBO a further contribution with a
> "UpdateWorkBar" I've developed, and a specialized form, that will help
> data entry with automatic commit. Let me know if you are interested in
> it, that it takes me some time to document it and make it usable for
> other people.
> Best regards
> Marco Menardi
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