Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Dropped feature in 4.5 ?
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:10 PM 29/11/2004 +0000, you wrote:

> > I saw it and can't think what you might be talking about. Can you
> > a scenario where you would expect a query that was not set
>RequestLive to
> > allow inserts?
> >
>First of all I will quote the help-file of version 4.0 once again:
>property RequestLive: boolean;
>Even if a dataset is not "live" it can still be inserted into because
>in SQL
>there is no concept of a INSERT INTO CURSOR."
>My scenario is that we have a basic form for selecting and editing
>We are using the Tdataset compatible methods and Infopower controls.
>In this
>form we are opening a not requestlive-query based on the users
>selection and
>showing this in a grid. The users can then edit the records - this is
>by a linked request live query only selecting one record. But when
>the user
>wants to insert a new record this is done as a insert to the not
>request-live query. And this was working prior to our upgrade to 4.5

If it was working in 4.3 then it would work in 4.5. It appears to be
working exactly as expected in my D7. What do you have as InsertSQL
defined for this query? That is the only way that your non-updatable query
could be inserted to, unless it happens to be a joined set and you have a
KeyRelation defined.

Do you get any exceptions? If so, which?

What does the monitor show?