Subject Re: Dropped feature in 4.5 ?
Author rlssv
> I saw it and can't think what you might be talking about. Can you
> a scenario where you would expect a query that was not set
RequestLive to
> allow inserts?
First of all I will quote the help-file of version 4.0 once again:
property RequestLive: boolean;
Even if a dataset is not "live" it can still be inserted into because
in SQL
there is no concept of a INSERT INTO CURSOR."

My scenario is that we have a basic form for selecting and editing
We are using the Tdataset compatible methods and Infopower controls.
In this
form we are opening a not requestlive-query based on the users
selection and
showing this in a grid. The users can then edit the records - this is
by a linked request live query only selecting one record. But when
the user
wants to insert a new record this is done as a insert to the not
request-live query. And this was working prior to our upgrade to 4.5

René / SSV