Subject RE: [IBO] IBO, Intraweb ISAPI Website
Author Jason Wharton
With IBO is all you need to do is insure the TIB_Session component is first
in the creation order for the data module and then when the data module
creates the other IBO components they are automatically linked up to the
session appropriately. If you are creating IBO component instances in code,
be sure to pass in either the module or the session as the Owner in the
constructor. Passing in nil as the owner and not explicitly assigning the
IB_Session property of an IBO component will leave the component tied to the
default session which is undesirable in a multi-threaded app.

Hope this helps,
Jason Wharton

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> Subject: [IBO] IBO, Intraweb ISAPI Website
> I'm building an ISAPI website using Delphi 5, Firebird 1.5, IBO 4.3.A
> and Intraweb 7. For each user that connects to the site, Intraweb
> creates a new session (TSessionName = class(TComponent)) which
> contains variables and a declaration of datamodule. In the datamodule
> unit are all the IBO queries and the TIBODatabase and the TIB_Session
> components. Is it necessary, in the Constructor of this Intraweb
> session to give the new Database Component and the Session component
> unique names and to assign those names to the IBOquery components
> prior to setting the IBODatabase component Connected property to
> True? An Intraweb demo (using DBISAM) does this and I wanted to check
> if IBO/Firebird required the same.