Subject RE: [IBO] File not found IB_components.dcu IBO4_5_Ag_Full.exe version
Author Adrian Wreyford

>I will look at the installer and see why it may be missing moving that into
>the \d6 directory where it belongs.

>What all versions of delphi/cppb are you installing into? Did the others
>work for you?

>Jason Wharton

Well quickly tried out on Delphi2005, but no luck.

It places the files under c:\IBO4\Delphi2005

The components are not installed as design packages.

I cannot get them to install either.

Any pointers on how to proceed.

It unfortunatrely doesn't do the installation auto for me. I see others have
succeeded no hassles at all.

Well I must have something wrong here


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