Subject RE: [IBO] File not found IB_components.dcu IBO4_5_Ag_Full.exe version
Author Jason Wharton

> I get the error for the D6 installation: File not
> found IB_components.dcu when compiling.
> I notice the environment variable for the LIBRARY PATH:
> is set to C:\IBO4\D6,
> And the IB_components.dcu resides in C:\IBO4
> Should I just add this to the environment variable,
> or do you want to change the installation.

That is really odd...

I will look at the installer and see why it may be missing moving that into
the \d6 directory where it belongs.

What all versions of delphi/cppb are you installing into? Did the others
work for you?

Jason Wharton