Subject Re: [IBO] Unexpected behavior using TIB_Edit
Author Woody (TMW)
> Hi All (Again)
> I am using the TIB_Edit.Autolabel.Model field as a
> sort of link to another field on a given form.
> If the KeyDown matches _F5_ then I take the linked
> field in the Model and place it's text value
> in the TIB_Edit that has triggered the event.
> It works perfect for this until I actually use it....


I have had problems trying to set the text of a TIB_Edit within a key
procedure. What I've ended up doing is setting the value of the underlying
field instead.

Instead of doing this:

(Components[i] as TIB_Edit).Text :=

Do this:

with (Components[i] as TIB_Edit) do
Datasource.Dataset.FieldByName(DataField).Text :=

It seemed to work for me so it might do it for you, too.