Subject Unexpected behavior using TIB_Edit
Author Steve Fields
Hi All (Again)

I am using the TIB_Edit.Autolabel.Model field as a
sort of link to another field on a given form.

If the KeyDown matches _F5_ then I take the linked
field in the Model and place it's text value
in the TIB_Edit that has triggered the event.
It works perfect for this until I actually use it....

What I do first is ask the user to see if all of the edits
in a given panel can be used from their _linked_ fields.
If so then I step through using components and componentcount
to test to see if the parent panel matches the current panel,
if so I splice the data in:

(Components[i] as TIB_Edit).Text :=
((Components[i] as TIB_Edit).Autolabel.Model as TIB_Edit).Text;

This works perfect until I actually press a key in one of the
targeted TIB_Edits. Any key then clears it. It looks like it
may have something to do with selected text?
(SelectAll, SelectStart, etc?)

Any ideas?

Steve Fields