Subject IB_LookupCombo confusion
Author rick_roen
I'm evaluating IBO and so far am quite impressed, however I just
can't seem to get a handle on the IBO_LookupCombo. I'm accustomed
to the Delphi DBLookupCombo control and the IB_LookupCombo is
obviously different in its setup.

Here is what I have pared down to the essentials:

For the master table
IBQ_Customer Select C.Custnum,C.CName,… C.TermsNum T.Description
from Customer C Left join Terms on C.TermsNum = T.TermsNum

For the lookup table
IBQ_TERMS = Select TermsNum, Description from Terms

I have a series of IB_Edit boxes and a IB_LookupCombo that I want to
reflect the current customers Terms.Description and offer all the
choices from the Terms query.

Here are the settings in the IBQ_TERMS:

KeySource = IBDSCustomer

Here are the settings for the IB_LookupCombo:

DataSource = IBDSTerms
DataField = Description

When I run the program, the IB_LookupCombo accurately reflects the
terms of the customer, however the drop down combo box does not
offer any choices.

What have I forgot to set?