Subject Re: [IBO] GetDisplayText... How does it work?
Author Daniele Teti
Helen Borrie wrote:


>At this late hour, I cannot think of a way. I don't think trying to get at
>it from the grid is the way you are going to solve it. The dataset drives
>the grid, not the other way around.
>My best guess right now is that you will need to define a calculated field
>to display this fragment. Access the Row object in the OnCalculateFields
>Another dimension of all this, of course, is that you will need to pull all
>of the blobs over to the client, rather than call them over on demand.
>Sorry not to have the Magic Bullet. :-( Perhaps someone more awake will
>come up with something brilliant....
Thanks for your attention in late hour too :-)

Thomas solution works wery well. For my it's ok this two line

if (ARow > 0) and (ACol = 3) then
AString := LeftStr(qryBarze.BufferFieldByName('TESTO').AsString, 40);

Thanks Thomas.

While I'm wait for answer, I've found a properties for help me.

DrawCellTextOptions := [gdtEllipsis,gdtShowTextBlob]

Do the right job (cut blob at end of columns and add Ellipsis)
Thomas solutions is more general (and powerfull) but for this grid I can
use this "Dummy" configuration too.

Thanx Helen and Thomas

Daniele Teti (tm)
Software Architect

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