Subject GetDisplayText... How does it work?
Author Daniele Teti
Hi all,

In my app. I want display first 20 chars of my Blob-text field
So in GetDisplayText in a TIB_Grid I wrote follow

procedure TfrmMain.IB_GridBarzeGetDisplayText( Sender: TObject; ACol,
ARow: Integer; var AString: string );
if ( ACol = 3 ) and ( ARow > 0 ) then
AString := LeftStr( qryBarze.FieldByName( 'TESTO' ).AsString, 20 );

The problem is that qryBarze seems not synchronized whit grids row.

In every row there is first 20 char of the *last* record of TIB_Query.
So every row is the same (When click on Grid, selected row display
correct text, the other not)


Daniele Teti (tm)
Software Architect

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