Subject Re: [IBO] GetDisplayText... How does it work?
Author Daniele Teti
Helen Borrie wrote:

>You need to operate on the Row object to ensure that the timing is correct
>(and, of course, if there is no row, nothing happens, so you don't have to
>test its cardinality!). The one thing you do need to take care about, is
>not to cause it to be called when the dataset is not in a Prepared state.
>procedure TfrmMain.IB_GridBarzeGetDisplayText( Sender: TObject; ACol,
> ARow: Integer; var AString: string );
> with ARow do begin
> if ACol = 3 then
> AString := LeftStr(ByName('TESTO').AsString), 20);
Thanx Helen

But ARow is a Integer :-)

How I Can access to the "Row Object"?

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