Subject Re: [IBO] IBOAdmin: "Operation Cancelled at User's Request"
Author Raymond Kennington
Problem solved.

Raymond Kennington wrote:

> [FB1.5 on XP1.1 running with administrator rights, IBObjects 4.2Ib (I
> think) and Delphi 7.]
> I created IBO40CRT_D7.dpk by copying IBO40CRT_D6.dpk to IBO40CRT_D7.dpk
> and compiling and then IBOAdmin compiled and installed into the Delphi IDE.
> When using IBBackupService I have set the full path of the database and
> its backup path and filename, and either set SeverName to 'Local' or
> leave it blank.
> In either case the message "Operation Cancelled at User's Request"
> appears when Active is set to True.
> How can this be made to work?
> Raymond Kennington