Subject Re: [IBO] IBOAdmin: "Operation Cancelled at User's Request"
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:02 PM 19/11/2004 +1030, you wrote:

>[FB1.5 on XP1.1 running with administrator rights, IBObjects 4.2Ib (I
>think) and Delphi 7.]
>I created IBO40CRT_D7.dpk by copying IBO40CRT_D6.dpk to IBO40CRT_D7.dpk
>and compiling and then IBOAdmin compiled and installed into the Delphi IDE.
>When using IBBackupService I have set the full path of the database and
>its backup path and filename, and either set SeverName to 'Local' or
>leave it blank.
>In either case the message "Operation Cancelled at User's Request"
>appears when Active is set to True.
>How can this be made to work?

There's confusion here. The Subject says "IBOAdmin" but here you say you
are using IBBackupService (which is part of IBX's IBAdmin).

Have you tried out my IBAdmin and IBOAdmin samples in the Files area of the