Subject RE: [IBO] Buttons in TIB_GRID?
Author Jason Wharton
I'm not sure what to suggest at this point. I can't think of a way that is
already provided to do something like this. What I suggest is to do a
custom cell drawing to make it look like a button and then use the
OnCellClick to be like a button press.

All of which is standard grid cell customization stuff. I'd love to see
what you have when you are done with doing it. Some of the recent code to
allow the TIB_Grid to double as a tree view may give you some idea of how to
customize the appearance of cells.


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> Subject: Re: [IBO] Buttons in TIB_GRID?
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> > > Is it possible to insert buttons in cells of a TIB_Grid?
> > > (without heroic effort)
> >
> > Not hard at all if you use the EditLinks feature.
> >
> > Just add the column name(s) you want as entries in this property
> and then
> > properly implement the OnEditButtonClick event to have it to what
> you want
> > it to.
> Thanks Jason, that is helpful, it works, partially, and I now am
> using this approach.
> I did not explain myself well.
> I want to insert a button in a column so that the button is always
> visible and whose glyph and text can be controlled row-by-row. One
> answer has to be "go modify the code" but I don't want to do that.
> Thanks
> Russell Belding