Subject Re: [IBO] Buttons in TIB_GRID?
Author russellbelding
--- In, "Jason Wharton" <jwharton@i...>
> > Is it possible to insert buttons in cells of a TIB_Grid?
> > (without heroic effort)
> Not hard at all if you use the EditLinks feature.
> Just add the column name(s) you want as entries in this property
and then
> properly implement the OnEditButtonClick event to have it to what
you want
> it to.

Thanks Jason, that is helpful, it works, partially, and I now am
using this approach.

I did not explain myself well.

I want to insert a button in a column so that the button is always
visible and whose glyph and text can be controlled row-by-row. One
answer has to be "go modify the code" but I don't want to do that.


Russell Belding