Subject IBO Blob usage
Author Don Schoeman
Hi guys,

I've used IBO almost 4 years ago and started a new project which is the
perfect candidate for using my beloved IBO and Firebird again.

The project consists of a Windows client app, a Windows service and
Firebird. The Windows service reads information from a hardware unit and
then stores various data into a database. Some of this data is binary and
needs to be stored in blob fields.

The service has no visual Windows interface and I'm currently only using the
TIB_Connection, TIB_Transaction and TIB_Query IBO components to insert data
into the database. The TIB_Query component I use as a generic SQL component
and pass it the SQL statement based on what I need to do or what data I need
to store. In this case I usually only INSERT new records. Which is the
easiest way for me to get binary data into a blob field using the same
"generic" query structure?

I hope my question makes sense. Any help or examples would be greatly

Best Regards,
Don Schoeman