Subject IBObjects and Fast Report
Author Cao Ancoinc
Hi everyone

I am trying to install the Fast Report components with IBO support but am
getting a compiler error IBO_D5 not found. Nowhere do I have this file on my

I know that this is not a IBO problem and apologise for using this forum but
if someone has the solution perhaps they could answer me off list.

I have removed the Comments in the file as per the install text
//------------------- Interbase Objects (IBO) components ------------
// Allows using IB_Objects.
// Also uncomment the following line if you have IB_Objects ver4.0+.

It seems if IBO_D5 is only provided with the evaluation version?

I am able to produce reports with TDataset decendant components but I would
prefer to use the
Native components.

Delphi V5
Fast Report Ver 2.53
IBO Ver 4.3Aa

Regards Cao