Subject Problems with TIB_Transaction.AutoCommit property
Author Calin Pirtea
Ib_transaction.AutoCommit property does not have a default value but has
instead a store value.

property AutoCommit: boolean read GetAutoCommit
write SetAutoCommit
stored IsAutoCommitStored;

The property is stored into the DFM _only_ if it is true and
serverautocommit is false.

Problem is if you have a base class form where autocommit is true and you
inherit from this base class but want autocommit to be false you cannot make
it false because it will not store into the DFM, so Delphi will use the
inherited value.

I think the default should be added and IsAutoCommitStored should let it to
be stored without looking at autocommit property. If Autocommit is to be
forced False then SetAutoCommit and SetServerAutoCommit should be fixed
rather then prevent storing of valueable values into the DFM.


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